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Release history - Version 6

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Latest version: 6.0.1

6.0.*: 6.0.0

Release notes for our previous major release (v5) can be found here.

  • 6.0.1 - April 30, 2021

    • Bug fixes
      • Sets crossorigin setting automatically to 'anonymous' if not set through player settings to avoid playback issue on Safari for 360/VR video (regression from 5.12.10)
      • Removes text-transform: uppercase for live UI (.rmp-live .rmp-time-elapsed-text) to let users set "LIVE" text in uppercase or not when passing custom labels - left default to uppercase
      • Prefers native HLS over HLS with hls.js on iPadOS for all use-cases
    • Dependencies
      • Updates three.js: r126 -> r128 for better performance
      • Updates Shaka player: 3.0.10 -> 3.0.11 for latest bug fixes
  • 6.0.0 - April 28, 2021

    • Virtual reality
      • Adds support for Microsoft mixed reality platform (MS Edge)
    • ES2015 module support BETA
      • Adds possibility to import the player in a module-based JavaScript environment through a specific player build (available through self-hosting only)
    • Video Analytics
      • Adds support for Matomo Analytics
      • Adds fullminutewatched event to our Google Analytics integration
    • Frame-accurate seeking
      • Adds support for frame-accurate seeking through our player API
      • Adds frameRate player setting
      • Adds getCurrentFrameNumber, getTotalFramesNumber, seekToFrame, getDroppedFramesCount API methods
    • Closed-captions
      • Improves native rendering of closed-captions (in-manifest/in-band DASH with captions and HLS on Safari with in-manifest/in-band captions)
      • Left initial font-size decision to the browser/WebView for better scaling of natively rendered closed-captions
    • Player user interface
      • Revamps contentMetadata.title and contentMetadata.description UI (see title-description.less for changes)
      • Aligns casting UI to contentMetadata.title and contentMetadata.description UI
      • Reverts live UI changes introduced in 5.12.0 to pre-5.12.0 release, while keeping improvements to DVR UI brought by 5.12.0. This is to better fit our player live UI to other players on the market.
      • Internal resize of some icons for s2 and s4 skins (scaling down)
    • Video advertisement
      • Adds adPageUrl setting for our Google IMA integration
      • Adds adScheduleWaterfall setting to add support for client-side waterfalling in our ad-scheduler
      • Adds mobile UI for ads rendered on iPadOS
      • Adds out of the box Prebid.js support for our ad-scheduler
    • Autoplay
      • Forces no-autoplay when autoplay is requested but only muted-autoplay is found available in our audio-only player
    • Semantic Versioning
      • We are now strictly following semantic versioning so we are not making any breaking changes until v7 - this includes changes that can be breaking changes in JavaScript, CSS or player dependencies. In the past we could have pushed minor breaking changes with minor releases but now any breaking change will produce a new major release. We hope to provide better stability to our player, especially for developers, with that approach.
    • Removal & breaking changes
      • Removes support for Google Daydream VR platform (as this platform has been discontinued by Google)
      • Removes frameratechange API event
      • Removes isStandalone API method
      • Removes shakaSmallGapLimit, shakaJumpLargeGaps, shakaStreamingBufferBehind, shakaStreamingBufferingGoal, shakaStreamingRebufferingGoal, shakaSafeSeekOffset, shakaBandwidthDowngradeTarget, shakaBandwidthUpgradeTarget settings
      • Removes hlsJSAbrBandWidthFactor, hlsJSAbrBandWidthUpFactor, hlsJSBackBufferLength settings
      • Changes to contentMetadata.title and contentMetadata.description UI and casting UI (see title-description.less for changes)
      • Stop forcing HLS first on iPadOS and macOS Safari when dashFirst setting is set to true - this behavior if still needed can be implemented with our environment API
      • Bump minimum supported iOS version from iOS 11 to iOS 12 (we are expecting the player to still work on iOS 11 but this is no longer an environment we test nor that we provide support for)

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