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Latest version: 9.1.1 PRODUCTION

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9.1.*: 9.1.0 PRODUCTION


Release notes for Radiant Media Player 6 & 7 releases and Radiant Media Player 8 releases are also available.

  • 9.1.1 - March 13, 2023 PRODUCTION

    • Service release
      • No new feature
  • 9.1.0 - March 9, 2023 PRODUCTION

    • New features
    • Deprecated - will be removed in Radiant Media Player v10 but still available in v9 for backward compatibility
      • hlsJSCaptionsTextTrack1Label, hlsJSCaptionsTextTrack2Label, hlsJSCaptionsTextTrack3Label, hlsJSCaptionsTextTrack4Label settings -> use customTrackNames.captions instead to set custom caption track names
      • and labels.bitrates.renditions -> use respectively and customTrackNames.quality instead
  • 9.0.2 - March 8, 2023 PRODUCTION

    • New features
      • Adds forceLegacyDependencies setting
    • Dependencies
      • Updates Shaka player: 4.3.4 -> 4.3.5 for latest bug fixes
      • Updates to rmp-vast: 10.0.0 -> 10.0.1 for latest bug fixes
  • 9.0.1 - March 6, 2023 PRODUCTION

    • Bug fixes
      • Properly reads NAME attribute first, then LANGUAGE in HLS manifest (#EXT-X-MEDIA) for multiple audio tracks (LANGUAGE would be read first in previous releases)
  • 9.0.0 - March 2, 2023 PRODUCTION

    • New API custom event system (breaking change)
      • API events are now registered to player instance with the on and one methods and unregistered with the off method. We no longer use addEventListener or removeEventListener with synthetic DOM events - instead we have built a full custom event system within the player library. This allows for events to be dispatched faster and prevents polluting the DOM with synthetic events which could lead to edge bugs difficult to troubleshoot.
    • Full Google Analytics 4 support (breaking change)
      • Our updated Google Analytics 4 integration now requires developers to explicitly add the Google tag (gtag.js) on the page where the player stands. The player no longer automatically load and configure Google Analytics client-side JavaScript library. This allows for more advanced configuration of Google tag
      • Adds enableGAVideoTracking setting
      • Adds gaEventParameters setting and related getGaEventParameters and setGaEventParameters API methods
      • Adds 13000 warning: "Google tag is not installed on this page -> cannot send data to Google Analytics"
    • PLATFORM Edition allowlisting and denylisting (breaking change)
      • When submitting JSON allowlisting and denylisting files to our back-end, the JSON file needs to adhere to a new structure: "blacklist" key is replaced with "denylist" key, "whitelist" key is replaced with "allowlist" key, "appWhitelist" key is replaced with "appAllowlist" key - while you can still use the old keys for backward compatibility reasons it is recommended to use the new keys when updating to Radiant Media Player 9+
    • New player settings
      • Adds googleCastDisableAds setting
      • Added customAllowDenyListUrl setting
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixes a UI issue with adForceNativeFullscreenOnIosForAds where replay icon would show on iOS instead of pause button
      • Fixes a UI issue when swapping from VOD content to live content in a playlist where content time and duration would not update properly
      • hideExternalPlayerLabels now hides volume label as well
      • When HLS with multiple audio tracks do not have a lang property make sure to still display audio tracks in the UI
      • Fixes a UI issue where CC/audio/quality menu could collide with content time/duration on smaller sizes
      • Fixes a UI issue where long content duration could cause overflow of text for current time/duration at smaller player sizes
      • Fixes translation of "LIVE" label for Scandinavian languages
      • Allows CMAF HLS streams to play on our Google Cast receiver application (setting useShakaForHls flag to true)
    • Breaking changes
      • Removed our deprecated eCDN solution
      • Removed our old API system using addEventListener/removeEventListener with DOM events on player container -> use the new API system with on/off API methods targeting player instance object instead
      • Removed UI quality indicator for Apple devices
      • gaLabel and gaCategory settings are now removed and replaced with gaEventParameters
      • getGACategory, setGACategory, getGALabel, setGALabel API methods are now removed and replaced with getGaEventParameters and setGaEventParameters
      • Removed gaAnonymizeIp setting - this is no longer needed in Google Analytics 4 as it no longer collect IP information
      • Removed gaTrackingId, gaTrackingIdAlt settings because of the updated Google Analytics 4 integration that no longer automatically load Google Analytics client-side JavaScript library
      • Removed sendGAEvent API method
      • Google Analytics 3 is no longer supported - while it could still work with our player we no longer support Google Analytics 3
      • Removed hlsJSUseManifestRenditionName setting - the player will query for NAME attribute first, then LANGUAGE in HLS manifest (#EXT-X-MEDIA) - if none are available it will show a default indexed value
    • Dependencies
      • Updates hls.js: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.4 for latest bug fixes
      • Updates Shaka player: 4.3.2 -> 4.3.4 for latest bug fixes
      • Updates to rmp-vast: 9.1.1 -> 10.0.0 for latest bug fixes and new features

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