Migration guide

From v8 to v9

Please read the below carefully to avoid breaking changes in your player set up when upgrading to Radiant Media Player v9 from v8
  • Removed our deprecated eCDN solution
  • Removed our old API system using addEventListener/removeEventListener with DOM events on player container -> use the new API system with on/off API methods targeting player instance object instead
  • Removed UI quality indicator for Apple devices
  • gaLabel and gaCategory settings are now removed and replaced with gaEventParameters
  • getGACategory, setGACategory, getGALabel, setGALabel API methods are now replaced with getGaEventParameters and setGaEventParameters
  • Our updated Google Analytics 4 integration now requires developers to explicitly add the Google tag (gtag.js) on the page where the player stands. The player no longer automatically load and configure Google Analytics client-side JavaScript library. This allows for more advanced configuration of Google tag
  • Removed gaAnonymizeIp setting - this is no longer needed in Google Analytics 4 as it no longer collect IP information
  • Removed gaTrackingId, gaTrackingIdAlt settings because of the updated Google Analytics 4 integration that no longer automatically load Google Analytics client-side JavaScript library
  • Removed sendGAEvent API method
  • Google Analytics 3 is no longer supported - while it could still work with our player we no longer support Google Analytics 3
  • When submitting JSON allowlisting and denylisting files to our back-end (PLATFORM Edition customers only), the JSON file needs to adhere to a new structure: "blacklist" key is replaced with "denylist" key, "whitelist" key is replaced with "allowlist" key, "appWhitelist" key is replaced with "appAllowlist" key - while you can still use the old keys for backward compatibility reasons it is recommended to use the new keys when updating to Radiant Media Player 9+
  • Removed hlsJSUseManifestRenditionName setting - the player will query for NAME attribute first, then LANGUAGE in HLS manifest (#EXT-X-MEDIA) - if none are available it will show a default indexed value
  • Removed dvrJumpToLive API method (replaced with syncToLiveEdge API method)

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