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Player settings

You can brand your player with a custom logo using the following player settings:

logo: String

Path or URL to logo image. Default: '' which implies no logo is wanted on the player. Suggested size for logo: 200px width x 50px height. By default the logo is positioned at the top-left corner of the video to fit in with other player UI elements. You can move it with the logoPosition setting or with CSS (targeting the CSS class .rmp-logo).
Logo image formats should be PNG, JPEG or GIF.

logoLoc: String

URL to open when the custom logo is clicked or touched. If not provided the logo will still be displayed on the player but will not be click-able. Default: ''.

logoPosition: String

This will set the logo position on stage. 4 values are available: 'topleft', 'bottomleft', 'topright', 'bottomright'. Default: 'topleft'.
The logo has a default padding value of 8px. This value can be adjusted with CSS.

logoWatermark: Boolean

If set to true the logo will not auto-hide with the control bar and act as a watermark logo. Default: false.

logoMargin: String

Sets the margin for the logo. You can specify each margin with values like '8px 4px 8px 4px'. Default: '8px'.

Player code example

<script src="https://cdn.radiantmediatechs.com/rmp/4.10.1/js/rmp.min.js" 
<div id="rmpPlayer"></div>
var bitrates = {
  hls: 'https://www.rmp-streaming.com/media/hls/test-vectors/bbb-abr/playlist.m3u8'
var settings = {
  licenseKey: 'your-license-key',
  bitrates: bitrates,
  width: 640,
  height: 360,
  logo: 'https://www.radiantmediaplayer.com/images/radiantmediaplayer-logo-player.png',
  logoLoc: 'https://www.radiantmediaplayer.com',
  logoPosition: 'topleft',
  logoWatermark: false,
  poster: 'https://www.radiantmediaplayer.com/images/poster-rmp-demo.jpg'
// Reference to the wrapper div (unique id)
var elementID = 'rmpPlayer';
// Create an object based on RadiantMP constructor
var rmp = new RadiantMP(elementID);
// Initialization ... test your page and done!
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