Radiant Media Player

14-day Free Trial

What is it?

We offer Radiant Media Player 14-day free trial as a way to test Radiant Media Player (all features included) for 14 days on the Internet domain of your choice. No credit card required. Refer to our documentation for set up instructions.

If you have any question during your trial please contact us through our contact form.

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Trial notes

Our emails are coming from support [at] radiantmediaplayer.com, please whitelist this email address if needs be.

You should receive your trial license key at the designated email address within 15 minutes. Your trial license key will expire after 14 days from delivery.

If you have not received your trial information after 15 minutes:

  • Check your spam inbox to see if our email has been moved there by your email client. Make sure to whitelist our email address to receive our communications.
  • Make sure you have seen the green notice "Message successfully sent" on the above form upon submission. If not you can try to re-submit.
  • Contact us or send your request directly to support [at] radiantmediaplayer.com. We will gladly help so you can get your trial license key.