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Together we can do better

At Radiant Media Player we love web video. This is reflected in our product, support and commitment to customer and partner success.

If you have an innovative product or service that is complementary to Radiant Media Player or that integrates with Radiant Media Player we would love to hear about it.

Some benefits of building a partnership with Radiant Media Player:

  • Make sure your product/service works with Radiant Media Player to deliver a top-notch end-to-end video experience
  • Work together to faster/better adopt the latest trending technologies
  • Mutually promote our products/services

Radiant Media Player partnership program holds two components:

  • Technology alliance partners: those partners offer product or service that are complimentary to Radiant Media Player. They provide tested solutions that work very well with Radiant Media Player.
  • OEM partners: those partners have integrated Radiant Media Player as part of a service or product they sell. They provide high-quality solutions while benefiting from all the advanced features Radiant Media Player has to offer.

Our technology alliance partners

Google: Radiant Media Player is a an official Google video technology partners. Our HTML5 IMA SDK implementation has been certified by Google and as such you can be sure you can generate revenue according to best practices in the industry.

Wowza: simply Powerful Streaming™. Wowza® Media Systems reduces the complexities of video and audio delivery with customisable software for organisations to build, deploy, and manage high-quality live, DVR and on-demand streaming solutions.
Radiant Media Player is a Wowza Tech Alliance Player Partner.

Nimble Streamer: light-weight freeware media server for live and VOD. Nimble Streamer enables a wide range of features for live, DVR and on-demand streaming. Taking input in all major formats, Nimble Streamer produces streams in MPEG-DASH, HLS and other protocols. Having low resource usage and high performance, it's a perfect solution to build high load streaming infrastructure with low cost of ownership.

Peer5: Peer5 is the first WebRTC-based CDN that does not require any software installation. By turning viewers into a video delivery network, Peer5 helps broadcasters improve the quality of the experience while reducing bandwidth costs by 50% or more.

Streamroot: Streamroot is a leading provider of OTT video delivery optimisation solutions. Its patented, plugin free Streamroot DNA™ technology uses highly distributed networks and multi-sourcing of video content for flawless quality, greater scale and lower-cost delivery. Streamroot is the industry's first provider to offer flat-fee delivery models to help OTT platforms grow profitably.

Videolinq: Videolinq is a video distribution platform for business. Create a channel, build a custom HTML5 player with Radiant Media Player, add closed captioning, and stream live video on your website and to Facebook, YouTube, and many other destinations.

VUALTO: VUALTO design, develop and deploy streaming solutions to make your online video happen. They provide cutting edge products and services which can be used individually or together for adaptable, scalable, intelligent video delivery. Powered by their customisable API's, integrated into your own systems or using the VUALTO CONTROL HUB, their products include: live and on demand IP video delivery to any device, instant Live2VOD automation, Digital Rights Management and Player SDK's.

ExpressPlay uDRM by Intertrust: a cloud-based multi-DRM provider that is available across all popular platforms, formats and browsers. We simplify protecting video: integrating with Radiant Media Player is easy and you're set up in no time with a risk free pricing model.

StreamS: StreamS provides professional enterprise broadcast quality audio streaming encoders. The StreamS Live HLSdirect™ Encoder leverages existing web servers, cloud storage, and infrastructures to deliver live and file streams, thereby eliminating the need for dedicated streaming servers and infrastructures. This dramatically reduces deployment and operating costs, while increasing stream reliability and quality.

Our OEM partners

Icareus Suite: Icareus Suite OVP platform enables you to build rich revenue generating OTT and online video services. Icareus Suite is targeted for broadcasters, TV operators and publishers wanting to monetize their video based content. Icareus Suite allows you to manage your Linear, VOD and Catch-up TV content, subscribers, devices, services, user experience, advertisements and monetization on pretty much any environment.
Icareus Suite logo

My video place: Online video platform focused on local news and smart ad serving.
My video place Logo

Duranc: Robust fully featured VSaaS (video surveillance as a service) delivered from the cloud.
Duranc Logo

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