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At Radiant Media Player we love web video. This is reflected in our product, support and commitment to customer and partner success.

If you have an innovative product or service that is complementary to Radiant Media Player or that integrates with Radiant Media Player we would love to hear about it.

Some benefits of building a partnership with Radiant Media Player:

  • Make sure your product or service works with Radiant Media Player to deliver a top-notch end-to-end video experience
  • Mutually promote our product or service to the streaming media industry
  • Work together to faster adopt latest trending technologies

If this is something you are interested in then get in touch.

Our technology alliance partners

Google: Radiant Media Player is a an official Google video technology partners. Our HTML5 IMA SDK implementation has been certified by Google and as such you can be sure you can generate revenue according to best practices in the industry.
G-Mana: G-Mana, an innovator in the OTT server-side ad insertion (SSAI). G-Mana has developed an holistic solution in order to maximize OTT content monetization from ad markers insertion, manifest manipulation and hybrid campaign management capabilities.
DAION by Erstream: DAION is a server-side dynamic ad insertion service for both Live and VOD content developed by Erstream. DAION can multiply the ad revenue of the content owners as being the innovation leader of the sector: Programmatic Advertisement is available now for video content with DAION.

Streaming and transcoding solutions

Wowza: simply Powerful Streaming™. Wowza® Media Systems reduces the complexities of video and audio delivery with customisable software for organisations to build, deploy, and manage high-quality live, DVR and on-demand streaming solutions.
Radiant Media Player is a Wowza Tech Alliance Player Partner.
StreamS: StreamS provides professional enterprise broadcast quality audio streaming encoders. The StreamS Live HLSdirect™ Encoder leverages existing web servers, cloud storage, and infrastructures to deliver live and file streams, thereby eliminating the need for dedicated streaming servers and infrastructures. This dramatically reduces deployment and operating costs, while increasing stream reliability and quality.
Multicast Agent: Use multicast technology to reduce bandwidth consumption and support internal secure large scale broadcasts. Distribute live video over corporate networks in the most efficient and cost effective way. Multicast Agent is a software installed on Windows or Mac workstations delivering video to Radiant Media Player.

DRM services

EZDRM: EZDRM is the original specialist in Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS), offering a straightforward, hosted, managed multi-DRM solution for protecting and monetizing your video content, making it easy to support live, on-demand, downloadable and offline video delivery service and providing complete flexibility in business model support.
PallyCon: PallyCon is a premium content protection service trusted by 200+ customers globally, providing 360-degree, cloud-based end-to-end content security for OTT platforms, such as Multi DRM, Forensic Watermarking, Anti Piracy services, Anti-screen capture/Recorder, App Security with Quick and Simple integration. It is a ONE-IN-ALL solution for OTT owners.
BuyDRM: BuyDRM™ is a leading global provider of Digital Rights Management and Content Security Services for the entertainment, enterprise and hospitality industries. The KeyOS Multi-DRM platform powers many of the largest brands in media and technology and is a recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Global Content Protection Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award. With decades of market-leading experience implementing commercial DRM solutions and media technologies, BuyDRM has amassed substantial success stories for many of today’s largest brands. BuyDRM clients include ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Blizzard, EPIX, FuboTV, Rakuten Viki, Sony New Media Solutions, Crackle Plus and Zee5.
castLabs: castLabs pioneers software and cloud services for digital video markets worldwide by providing solutions to easily enable the secure distribution of premium movie, TV, and audio assets for high-quality video experiences.

WebRTC-powered/eCDN streaming

System73: System73 delivers intelligent solutions for optimal internet content delivery, ensuring unparalleled quality while reducing your operational expenses. At the heart of their offerings, Edge Intelligence employs automated AI decisioning technology. This system proactively identifies delivery bottlenecks, directing your content through the most effective path that avoids congestion and outages. In doing so, it balances the exceptional bitrate quality for your audience with cost-effective delivery. Edge Intelligence stands as an advanced solution for Live content. It's designed to serve an infinite audience by establishing its own network, ensuring an expansive, consistent, and superior viewing experience.
Quanteec: Quanteec pioneers in the Web3 space by enhancing video streaming through a technology based on decentralization. Transitioning beyond traditional P2P models, its approach addresses environmental impact, delivery costs, and scaling challenges. QUANTEEC aims to set new industry standards for environmentally-friendly, high-performing, efficient-delivering, and forward-looking streaming.
SwarmCloud (CDNBye): SwarmCloud(CDNBye) aims to extend your streaming infrastructure and improve user experience with peer-assisted video delivery. All you have to do is to add a single library to your code.
Peer5: Peer5 is the first WebRTC-based CDN that does not require any software installation. By turning viewers into a video delivery network, Peer5 helps broadcasters improve the quality of the experience while reducing bandwidth costs by 50% or more.
StriveCast: StriveCast is a leading technology provider for enterprise and OTT media delivery. Our P2P CDN solution requires no local software installation, can be hosted on-premises or via cloud solution, and includes real-time video analytics.

Analytics services

MediaMelon: MediaMelon has an advanced analytics solution to track streaming playback experience, detect quality problems, ad effectiveness and provide insights on subscribers and content. MediaMelon’s solution is unique in its ability to measure video visual quality – not just the video playback bitrate, but the actual clarity of a video scene on various devices. MediaMelon’s Analytics solution is available on all leading platforms including iOS, Android, Web, Roku, Tizen, webOS, FireTV, AppleTV, Chromecast.

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