Radiant Media Player

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HLS-everywhere · DASH · Progressive download

Advanced video ads solution

DRM · 360 video · API

Current player version: 4.2.6

HTML5 video & audio

  • Native HTML5 video & audio rendering - no plugin
  • Automatic features detection
  • HLS, DASH & Progressive download support


  • First-class streaming to the mobile web (iOS & Android)
  • Responsive player with adaptive UI
  • Touch and orientation-change support


  • Live, DVR and on-demand video streaming
  • ABR with automatic & manual bitrate selection
  • Multiple audio tracks, WebVTT & CEA 608/708 captions
  • Discontinuities & fragmented MP4 container
  • Fallback streaming URLs, ID3 tags & audio-only


  • Live and on-demand video streaming (Dash WebM & DASH264)
  • ABR with automatic & manual bitrate selection
  • Multiple audio tracks, WebVTT & TTML captions
  • Multiple periods
  • Fallback streaming URLs & audio-only

DRM & content security

  • DASH DRM: PlayReady, Widevine and Clear Key support
  • Apple FairPlay Streaming
  • AES-128/SAMPLE-AES HLS decryption support

360 video

  • 360x180 full spherical video
  • Dedicated 360 UI
  • Works on desktop & Android with fallback for iOS/legacy


  • Google Cast™ enabled
  • Dedicated casting UI
  • Apple AirPlay

Peer-to-peer acceleration

Top-notch Video Ads

Video ads at work

  • VAST 2 & 3, VPAID 1 & 2 and VMAP 1.0.1 support
  • Desktop & mobile HTML5 video & audio ads
  • Autoplay of video ads on desktop and mobile
  • Works with any VAST-compliant ad server including DoubleClick & Google AdSense
  • Server-side ad insertion
  • Ad waterfalling (fallback), outstream ads, & more

Ad scheduler

Ad scheduler at work

  • Pre/mid/post-roll ads when you need them
  • Compatible with on-demand and live video streaming

Video ads API

Video ads API at work

  • Build a custom ad-experience with JavaScript
  • Dedicated ad-related events and methods

In-article outstream ads

Outstream ads at work

  • Maximise revenue for text-based articles
  • Dedicated UI and easy set-up

Ad-blocking software detection

Ad-block detection at work

  • Stop revenue loss today!
  • Tested to work against the most popular ad-blockers

A Complete Set Of Features

Closed captions & subtitles

  • Multi-tracks WebVTT
  • Closed captions styling
  • Embedded HLS & DASH captions

Skin customisation

  • 4 designer skins
  • Easy skin colorization feature
  • Advanced CSS skinning

JavaScript Player API

JavaScript API at work

  • Programmatically control the player with JavaScript
  • API events & methods to build a custom user experience

Advanced analytics

Analytics documentation

  • Advanced Google Analytics integration
  • Analytics API & heatmap analytics

Related content

Related content at work

  • Discovery overlay
  • Up-next feature
  • Easy JSON-based set-up


Playlist at work

  • Display playlist of content with a smart UI
  • Mobile-ready
  • Easy JSON-based set-up

Also included

Preview thumbnails
AMP compatible (amp-iframe)
Cloud-hosted with global CDN delivery or self-hosted
True fullscreen based on device capabilities
Video overlays
Accessibility features & keyboard control
Slow & fast motion
Your brand logo
Social sharing

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