Radiant Media Player

HLS for HTML5 video on desktop and mobile

Advanced video ads solution

MPEG-DASH · DRM · HLS to Flash

Current version: 3.10.11

Adaptive Streaming To HTML5 Video

  • HLS & MPEG-DASH to HTML5 video for modern desktop and mobile browsers
  • Advanced Flash fallback with HLS support for legacy browsers
  • Automatic features detection & multi-source support

Apple HLS

  • HLS to HTML5 video with HLS to Flash fallback
  • Live, DVR and on-demand video
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming with automatic or manual bitrate selection
  • Advanced streaming configuration and fallback streaming URLs
  • Multiple audio tracks, CEA 608/708 captions, ID3 tags & audio-only


  • MPEG-DASH to HTML5 video (DASH-IF DASH264 compliant player)
  • Live and on-demand video streaming
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming with automatic or manual bitrate selection
  • CEA 608, WebVTT, TTML or EBU-TT-D captions
  • Multiple audio tracks & audio-only


  • Stream to iOS, Android and Windows mobile
  • Responsive player with adaptive UI
  • Touch and orientation-change support


  • Google Cast™ enabled: Chromecast & Android TV support
  • In-player video casting for desktop and mobile Chrome with dedicated UI
  • HLS, MPEG-DASH and WebVTT captions casting
  • Casting to Apple TV

Advanced Flash fallback

  • HLS to Flash support
  • Flash video ads
  • Live, DVR and on-demand video capable Flash component
  • Advanced Flash configuration options

Wowza Tech Alliance Player Partner

Wowza Streaming Engine logo
  • Tested end-to-end solution with Wowza and Radiant Media Player
  • Live, DVR & on-demand video streaming from Wowza
  • Smil-based adaptive bitrate streaming in HLS or MPEG-DASH
  • SecureToken SHA-256
  • Wowza Transcoder & Wowza nDVR support

4K video done right

4K UHD logo logo
  • Build a next-level video experience with 4K/UHD & high frame rate content
  • Dedicated 4K strategy for Radiant Media Player
  • Works with HLS & MPEG-DASH


  • MPEG-DASH DRM: PlayReady, Widevine and Clear Key support
  • Flash DRM: Adobe Access/Primetime
  • HLS AES-128 decryption support for HTML5 and Flash video

On-demand, Live &DVR Streaming

Radiant Media Player will automatically pick the best-suitable streaming protocol candidate based on device playback capabilities.

On demand Live DVR Adaptive streaming
HLS to HTML5 video
HLS to Flash video
MPEG-DASH to HTML5 video
MP4 and WebM to HTML5 video

For compatibility information see our streaming documentation page.

We also provide advanced streaming configuration options for HLS & MPEG-DASH like buffer management or bitrate capping based on stage dimension.

You can test your streaming URL on this page.

Top-notch Video Ads

HTML5 & Flash video ads

Video ads at work

  • VAST 2 & 3, VPAID 1 & 2 and VMAP 1.0.1 support
  • Hybrid HTML5/Flash player: desktop & mobile video ads
  • Works with any VAST-compliant ad server including DoubleClick or Google AdSense
  • Ad waterfalling (fallback), audio ads, asset preloading & outstream video ads
  • Based on Google IMA-SDK v3

Custom ad scheduling

Ads scheduler at work

  • Works with HTML5 and Flash video ads
  • TV-like video ads experience
  • Insert pre-roll, mid-roll and/or post-roll video ads at designated timestamps
  • Compatible with on-demand and live video content
  • Does not require VMAP support

Video ads API

Video ads API at work

  • JavaScript API for HTML5 and Flash video ads
  • Ad-related events and methods
  • Implementation example

Ad-blocking software detection

Ad-block detection at work

  • Stop revenue loss today!
  • Works with HTML5 and Flash video ads
  • Tested to work against Adblock Plus and AdBlock

A Complete Set Of Features

Closed captions & subtitles

  • External WebVTT for HTML5 & Flash video
  • Multi-language support
  • Closed captions styling
  • In-manifest MPEG-DASH: CEA 608, WebVTT & TTML

Skin customisation

DVR streaming

  • HLS-based DVR streaming to HTML5 and Flash video
  • Dedicated scrub bar navigation
  • Jump-to-live functionality
  • Mobile compatible

JavaScript Player API

JavaScript API at work

  • Works with HTML5 & Flash
  • Programmatically control the player with JavaScript
  • Unified HTML5/Flash events, methods and properties

Advanced analytics

Analytics documentation

  • Google Analytics plugin for HTML5 & Flash video
  • API methods: time viewed, time to ready, startup time
  • Heatmap analytics


In-player playlist at work

  • In-player or external playlist
  • Mobile-ready & responsive
  • Video ads support

Also included

Fallback streaming URLs
AMP compatible (amp-iframe)
Cloud hosted with global CDN delivery or self-hosted (Intranet compatible)
HTTP & HTTPS support
True fullscreen based on device capabilities
file:// protocol support (WebViews & Web-based frameworks)
Multiple audio support
Video overlays
Accessibility features & keyboard control
Playback rate control (HTML5 video): x0.5, x1, x1.5, x2
Preview thumbnails
Custom end of video poster
Multiple instances support
Your brand logo
Background video
Facebook, Twitter and Goolge+ sharing
Straight forward implementation with one snippet of code

Have A Nice Player Time

No-limit plan

  • Flexible plans to meet your specific needs
  • Unlimited monthly player & ad starts - no overages
  • Free staging license

Professional Support

  • Fast & friendly email-based support
  • Developer-oriented technical support
  • Customer-driven roadmap

100+ customers already use Radiant Media Player

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We use Radiant Media Player for our live video events and it works like a charm

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The best HLS video player we have seen so far.

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Your player is awesome!

Yuri Developer - NetAddiction

You have built the best player I have ever used. I am so grateful for your work and so lucky to have found you!

Spyridon Site manager - datemule.com

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