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Current player version: 9.15.12

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A Streaming Media European Innovation Awards Winner

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Radiant Media Player won the 2023 Streaming Media European Innovation Award in the OTT Video Platform category.

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and members of the streaming media community who voted for us!

Next-gen HTML5 Video Player

Deliver a top-notch viewer experience

Develop once, deploy on all platforms

  • Use web technologies to build video apps for all modern devices
  • Reach the whole OTT world with a unified and simplified approach
  • Get to market faster and save on development cost

Progressive User Interface

  • Adaptive interface from smartphones to TVs
  • Intuitive icons positioning
  • Touch, click, remote or game controller support

Easily Customisable

  • 200+ settings to easily tune your player
  • Powerful and well-documented API
  • Configurable skins, icons, colors & modules

Smart Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Multi-codecs & multi-protocols for the web

Our player learns from the viewer, context & network


  • CMAF & MPEG-2 format
  • Optimised startup time & ABR logic
  • Multi-audio & multi-caption tracks
  • Discontinuities support


  • CMAF & WebM format
  • Optimised startup time & ABR logic
  • Multi-audio & multi-caption tracks
  • Multiple periods support

Live & DVR

  • Stream live content with HLS and MPEG-DASH
  • Low-latency HLS (LL-HLS)
  • Low-latency MPEG-DASH (LL-DASH)
  • Dedicated DVR user interface

All The Features You Want

No need for plugins everything is included

DRM & Content Security

  • Widevine, FairPlay & PlayReady support
  • AES HLS Streaming

Offline Storage & Playback

  • Download & store MPEG-DASH & HLS content
  • Enable offline content playback in your app


  • Automated player labels translation for a global reach
  • Up to 30 languages support

360° Video

  • Dedicated 360° video interface & API
  • Works on mobile devices


  • WCAG 2.1 compliant at AA levels
  • Keyboard control
  • Closed captions styling (FCC compliant)
  • Interactive transcripts
  • Chaptering
  • Preview thumbnails
  • Automated player localization

Video-centric Analytics

Related & Playlist

JavaScript Framework

Video Advertisement Done The Right Way

We are AdTech experts

  • VAST 2, 3 & 4, SIMID, VPAID, VMAP & Open Measurement SDK support
  • Certified Google IMA Integration
  • Discover our open-source VAST parser for all devices - rmp-vast
  • In-stream & Out-stream video ads
  • Ad-scheduling & ad-waterfalling
  • Header bidding with Prebid
  • Server-side ad insertion with Google IMA DAI, AWS Elemental MediaTailor, G-Mana & more

iOS & Android Apps

Develop for the web, deploy on mobile apps

ionic logo flutter logo apache cordova logo
  • Video-oriented Android & iOS mobile apps with web technologies through Ionic, Flutter, Apache Cordova, WebView
  • A truly near-native HTML5 video player experience
  • Port your customised web work in native apps
  • All our features go in mobile apps including DRM & advertisement

OTT Apps

Develop for the web, deploy on all platforms

Samsung TV Apps

  • Web applications for Tizen 3+

LG TV Apps

  • Web applications for webOS 3+

Android TV Apps

  • Android TV 9+ through Cordova Android

Desktop Apps

  • Windows/macOS/Linux through Electron

Fire TV Apps

  • Web-based Fire TV apps

Streaming With Care

An energy-efficient player

Who Use Radiant Media Player?

250+ customers around the world trust Radiant Media Player


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Hi, thank you so much! You are fundamental to our business.

A super player. We have 4 sites using Radiant Media Player. Adding 3 more soon.

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