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Ionic 2020 Developer Survey results are in - and they say it all:

The proof is in the numbers, while about 30% of survey respondents still do extensive work in Native Android and iOS, they are using solutions like Ionic and Cordova in much greater numbers.

Make your developers happy, cut cost and get to market faster with our HTML5 video player for iOS & Android apps

Included features

Build media-oriented web-based mobile apps for Apple App (iOS) and Google Play (Android) Stores
No native SDK, no headache
A truly near-native HTML5 player for mobile apps
Works with Cordova & Ionic
Support for WebView and standalone web application
HLS, DASH or progressive download
Live, DVR and on-demand video content
Video ads
Google Cast for Android & iOS
DRM for Android & iOS
360 video & more

Go further with OTT apps

You can also use Radiant Media Player to build Samsung & LG Smart TV apps, Desktop apps, Android TV apps, Xbox apps or Fire TV apps

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