Radiant Media Player

Web-based video mobile apps for Android & iOS

Media-oriented web-based mobile apps in a snap!

Ionic 2017 Developer Survey results are in - and they say it all:

Hybrid dev is taking over

Mobile remains the killer platform, and web is the future

Make your developers happy, cut cost and get to market faster with our HTML5 video & audio player for iOS & Android web-based mobile apps

Included features

  • Build media-oriented Cordova-based iOS & Android mobile apps
  • No native SDK, no headache
  • A truly near-native HTML5 player for web-based mobile apps
  • HLS, DASH or progressive download
  • Live, DVR and on-demand video content
  • Video ads
  • 360 video & more

We have got you covered

With our dedicated guides for Cordova, Ionic & PhoneGap kick start your development and get it right the first time!