Samsung Smart TV App

Scope of support

You can use Radiant Media Player to build media-oriented web-based Samsung Smart TV applications. The player is equipped with various optimisations, notably file:// protocol support, to work in the following environments:

  • Web applications for smart TV built with Tizen Studio
  • Targeting deployment on Samsung Smart TV 2019+ models (Tizen 5+)
  • Targeting deployment on Samsung Smart TV 2017+ models (Tizen 3+) using our legacy player builds

To get started with your first Tizen TV Web Application follow that guide.

Using Radiant Media Player in a Samsung smart TV applictation is only available for PLATFORM edition customers as FILE protocol support is required.

Supported features

Most player features available for the web are generally available with Radiant Media Player for smart TV web-based applications. Below is a non-exhaustive list of features you can expect to be available:

Feature Tizen 3+
DASH (1)
HEVC (H.265)
AV1 & VP9
Multi-languages audio and captions
HTML5 video ads (2)
VOD & Live streaming
Low-latency DASH live streaming
Autoplay with sound
Dedicated TV skin
Widevine DRM (3)

TV app player skin

We provide an out-of-box tv-optimized player skin to help you get started with your TV app. This skin defaults to a full window mode ideal for a fullscreen experience on larger displays. Other player skins can also be used in a context of a smart TV app. The tv-optimized player skin can be enabled through the skin setting set to 'tv'. See our player skins documentation for more information.

Video ads support in smart TV apps

We do support using video ads in a web-based Tizen TV app. It should be noted that since the HTML5 Google IMA SDK is not officially supported in a Samsung Smart TV app, the preferred solution is to use our VAST parser rmp-vast. The VAST parser can be selected with player setting adParser set to 'rmp-vast'.

Widevine DRM support in smart TV apps

We support Widevine DRM on Tizen 3+ devices. Just pass DRM information to the TV player as you would normally do with our web player. See our DRM documentation for more information.

Samsung Tizen TV Demo App

We have released a demo app for using Radiant Media Player in a web app for Tizen TV. This demo app is available on GitHub.

App white-listing (PLATFORM Edition)

By default you can use your platform edition license key on any app requiring the FILE protocol. However you may want, and it is recommended, to lock down usage of your license key to a limited number of apps. Review this section for enabling App white-listing.

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