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AirPlay support in Radiant Media Player

Since Radiant Media Player version 4.4.7 we offer in-player support for Apple AirPlay casting. This means that when a compatible AirPlay receiver is detected in range from a compatible AirPlay emitting device an AirPlay cast icon will automatically appear within the player. On iOS AirPlay can also be managed from the control center menu.

We support AirPlay for the following emitting devices:

  • iOS 10+ Safari
  • macOS Safari 10+

And the following receiving devices:

  • Any AirPlay compliant receiver device: Apple TV, Airport Express, and AirPlay-compatible speakers ...

Supported features

  • In-player AirPlay casting for macOS and iOS Safari
  • Remote controlling
  • Adaptive bitrate casting casting with HLS or progressive download
  • Video ads
  • Live and on-demand video support
  • Audio-only support
  • Playlist
  • Related content
  • Player API

Player settings

airplay: Boolean

Set whether or not in-player AirPlay support should be activated on eligible devices. Default: true. Note that when set to true this setting will enable periodic checks for detecting AirPlay receivers and this may cause additional battery usage on mobile or portable devices. Note that AirPlay casting is not available from macOS Safari when streaming DASH or when forceHlsJSOnMacOSIpadOSSafari is set to true.

Support notes

  • The in-player AirPlay icon will only show after the player loadedmetadata event has fired
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