AirPlay support in Radiant Media Player

We offer out of the box in-player support for Apple AirPlay casting. This means that when a compatible AirPlay receiver is detected in range from a compatible AirPlay emitting device an AirPlay icon will automatically appear within the player.

We support AirPlay for the following emitting devices:

  • iOS 10+ Safari and mobile apps
  • iPadOS 13+ Safari and mobile apps
  • macOS Safari 11+

We support Apple AirPlay version 2 and version 1. See this apple documentation for information on AirPlay system requirements

You can use AirPlay from our player to stream to the following receivers:

  • Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD with tvOS 12+
  • HomePod with iOS 12+ (audio-only)
  • AirPlay 2-compatible smart TVs2 with the label "Works with Apple AirPlay"
  • Speakers and receivers with the label "Works with Apple AirPlay" (audio-only)

Supported features

Below is a non-exhaustive list of features you can expect to be available while using Radiant Media Player with AirPlay:

Feature AirPlay
In-player casting with dedicated UI
HEVC (H.265)
MP4 progressive download
Multi-languages audio and captions
HTML5 video ads (1)
VOD & Live streaming
DVR streaming (2)
FairPlay DRM (3)
  • (1) Basic support for loading VAST ads is supported - more advanced use-cases may not be supported
  • (2) DVR streams will be treated as regular live streams - DVR controls will not be available
  • (3) AirPlay is disabled automatically when FPS content is used as this use-case is not supported

Player settings

airplay: Boolean

Set whether or not in-player AirPlay support should be activated on eligible devices. Default: true. Note that when set to true this setting will enable periodic checks for detecting AirPlay receivers and this may cause additional battery usage on mobile or portable devices. Note that AirPlay casting is not available from macOS Safari when streaming DASH.

Player API

Player API events


Fires when the targeted device support AirPlay casting and AirPlay has become available


Fires when media content has successfully loaded on AirPlay receiver


Fires when media content has successfully disconnected from AirPlay receiver and can be resumed on sender device

Player API method


When called this method will present to the viewer available AirPlay receivers to cast to from the player. Must be the result of a user interaction (click or touhend).

Support notes

  • The in-player AirPlay icon will only show after the player loadedmetadata event has fired (on mobile this may not be until play is requested)
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