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Accessibility features

WCAG 2.1 compliance

Radiant Media Player is following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards and WAI-ARIA guidelines. Our player has been audited by an independent company that specializes in accessibility for the web and our player found to be fully compliant with WCAG 2.1 standards at AA levels. Note that our player was audited with our default skin (s1) and accessibility related modules on (closed captions, speed). Changing colors of a player skin or modifying CSS may negatively impact WCAG 2.1 at AA levels compliance. If you have a business requirement for WCAG 2.1 at AA levels compliance we recommend using the s1 player skin as is.

Keyboard navigation is enabled by default and we test our player on most commonly used screen readers by accessibility viewers.

Accessibility features description

The player container is equipped with an aria-label attribute (set with player setting contentMetadata.title) and an aria-describedby attribute (set with player setting contentMetadata.description through a label element). The player container has an "application" role. The player can be focused with an interaction (click/touch) or by cycling through page elements using the tab key.

Many player elements can be interacted with using keyboard navigation and are also aria-* enabled, including play/pause or fullscreen buttons, player modules and playlist/related.

Keyboard controls

Below is a list of keyboard keys that can be used to control the player:

Tab : advance to the next focus-able item (1)

Shift + Tab : go back to the previous focus-able item

Space : play or pause content

f : enter fullscreen when not in fullscreen / exit fullscreen when in fullscreen

m : mute/unmute content

c : cycle through available caption tracks (when available)

Escape : exit fullscreen or when not in fullscreen exit module menu

Enter : interact with the currently focused item

ArrowLeft : seek 5 seconds backward in content

ArrowRight : seek 5 seconds forward in content

ArrowUp : up volume by 10%

ArrowDown : reduce volume by 10%

0 : seek to 0% of on-demand content

1 : seek to 10% of on-demand content

2 : seek to 20% of on-demand content

3 : seek to 30% of on-demand content

4 : seek to 40% of on-demand content

5 : seek to 50% of on-demand content

6 : seek to 60% of on-demand content

7 : seek to 70% of on-demand content

8 : seek to 80% of on-demand content

9 : seek to 90% of on-demand content

(1) By default, macOS is not configured to use the TAB key to navigate to all items in Safari. In macOS Safari, you also need to configure it to use TAB to navigate to all items on the page.

Aria labels

Aria labels are spoken by a screen reader when a specific element has focus. Aria labels, like player labels are automatically translated in 26 languages (default to English).

Aria labels can be customized by using the labels setting.

Screen reader support

We test Radiant Media Player against the most-used screen readers for accessibility. If a recommendation is needed for using our player with better accessibility features, this recommendation should be the following:

  • NVDA 2017+ with latest Chrome on Windows 10+
  • VoiceOver with latest Safari on macOS 10.12+
  • TalkBack with latest Chrome for Android
  • VoiceOver with latest Safari on iOS 12+
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