Fire TV Apps

Using Radiant Media Player to build a Fire TV app

We support using Radiant Media Player in a Fire TV app (Fire OS 6+) built with web technologies. Amazon documentation for building Web Apps for Fire TV can be found here.

Supported features

Feature FireOS 6+
MP4/WebM progressive download
Multi-languages audio and captions
HTML5 video ads (2)
VOD & Live streaming
Low-latency live streaming
Autoplay with sound
Dedicated TV UI
Widevine DRM (3)

HTTPS requirement

Using or testing Radiant Media Player in a Fire TV app requires you to use HTTPS for hosted web apps.

Video ads support in Fire TV apps

We do support using video ads in a Fire TV app. While it is technically possible to use Google IMA, our VAST parser rmp-vast is the preferred solution as Google does not officially support Fire TV platform while still advertising that Google IMA may be compatible. The VAST parser can be selected with player setting adParser set to 'rmp-vast'.

DRM support in Fire TV apps

We support Widevine DRM with DASH streaming on Fire TV. A basic Web Apps for Fire TV however does not allow for DRM support. We need to build a native Android app to display a WebView (a.k.a. hybrid app) - this is typically done by using a hybrid framework like Cordova or by creating a WebView project with Android Studio. This hybrid approach on Fire TV allows to provide capabilities that are not possible in a basic web app, due to the security boundary between the browser and the device APIs. This also enables DRM support in Amazon WebView (AWV) and better performance for video playback.

Please follow our guide to building Android TV apps with Cordova for guidance.

Demo app for Fire TV

We have released a demo app for using Radiant Media Player in a web app for Fire TV. This demo app is available on GitHub.

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