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Using Radiant Media Player to build a Fire TV app

We support using Radiant Media Player in a web-based Fire TV app (Fire OS 5+). Amazon documentation for building Web Apps for Fire TV can be found here.

Two options are available to do so:

  • TV player for Fire TV
  • Web App Starter Kit (WASK) - DEPRECATED

Supported features

Feature FireOS 5+
MP4 progressive download
HTML5 video ads (1)
VOD & Live streaming
DVR streaming (2)
Autoplay (with audio) support
Dedicated TV skin
Player API
Multi-languages closed captions and audio

Video ads support in Fire TV apps

We do support using video ads in a web-based Fire TV app. It should be noted that since the HTML5 Google IMA SDK is not officially supported in a Fire TV app, the preferred solution is to use our VAST parser rmp-vast. However if you are using Google Ads (DFP, AdSense for Video, AdX) we still recommend using the IMA SDK even in a Fire TV app. The VAST parser can be selected with player setting adParser set to 'ima' or 'rmp-vast'.

TV player for Fire TV

TV app player skin

We provide an out-of-box tv-optimized player skin to help you get started with your Fire TV app. This skin defaults to a full window mode ideal for a fullscreen experience on larger displays. Other player skins can also be used in a context of a Fire TV app. The tv-optimized player skin can be enabled through the skin setting set to 'tv'. See our player skins documentation for more information.

Fire TV demo app

We have released a demo app for using Radiant Media Player in a web app for Fire TV. This demo app is available on GitHub.

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