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Using Radiant Media Player to build a Fire TV app

With the release of Radiant Media Player 4.6.5 we are pleased to announce support for using Radiant Media Player in a web-based Fire TV app (Fire OS 5+). Amazon documentation for building Web Apps for Fire TV can be found here.

Two options are available to do so:

  • Web App Starter Kit (WASK)
  • HTML5 Hybrid Apps

Web App Starter Kit (WASK)

This is the recommended way to include Radiant Media Player in a Fire TV app. We have forked the Amazon Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV on GitHub and modified it to support Radiant Media Player out of the box. Our adaptation can be found on GitHub here. This can be used by Radiant Media Player RMP Edition and PLATFORM Edition customers (for packaged or hosted apps). Supported features include:

  • HLS and AES HLS streaming
  • MP4 progressive download
  • Live or on-demand video
  • Video ads through open source rmp-vast parser: linear pre-roll and non-linear ads
  • Complete playlist example

Documentation and guidelines for usage can be found on GitHub. Feel free to open issues or propose enhancements.

Note that our adaptation is only a starting point for developing your own web app for Fire TV. You are likely to need to develop it further to meet your project requirements.

HTML5 Hybrid Apps

Radiant Media Player can also be used to build a Fire TV app through an HTML5 Hybrid App. Since Amazon uses Amazon WebView (AWV) to support HTML5 Hybrid App, and as AWV is directly derived from Android WebView, Radiant Media Player should operate properly in this environment. However since the Web App Starter Kit already includes a ready-to-use template and best practices to build a Fire TV app it is generally preferred over HTML5 Hybrid Apps. This option may only be available to Radiant Media Player PLATFORM Edition customers as the FILE protocol is generally required to support HTML5 Hybrid Apps.

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