Working With Flutter

Getting started with Flutter

Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

Radiant Media Player can be used to build video-oriented mobile apps for Android and iOS with Flutter while using web technologies. To do so we use webview_flutter plugin.

We support the following environments for using Radiant Media Player with Flutter framework:

  • Radiant Media Player 9.15.9+
  • Flutter 3.22+
  • Android 5.1+ with Android WebView 60+
  • iOS 12+ (WKWebView)
  • iPadOS 13+ (WKWebView)

Using Radiant Media Player with Flutter requires a PLATFORM Edition license key.

Sample Flutter app on GitHub

Rather than a lot to read, we have published a complete sample Flutter app on GitHub that shows how to use Radiant Media Player with Flutter and webview_flutter plugin. It covers typical use-cases like HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming, video advertisement and DRM (Widevine for Android, FairPlay for iOS). It also has some specific configuration for Android and iOS for a best-in-class viewer experience with Flutter and Radiant Media Player.

We do support displaying VAST video advertisement in an Android, iOS or iPadOS mobile app built with Flutter. It should be noted that since the HTML5 Google IMA SDK is not officially supported in an iOS or Android WebView, the preferred solution is to use our VAST parser rmp-vast. See this section for more information on limitations when using the Google IMA HTML5 SDK in a WebView-based mobile app. The VAST parser can be selected with player setting adParser set to 'rmp-vast'.

DRM specific considerations

It is perfectly possible to play DRM encrypted content in a WebView managed by Flutter.

For Android the Widevine CDM needed to playback DRM encrypted content is present in the Android System WebView.

Playback of DRM content on Android WebView however requires a secure context and permission to playback DRM encrypted content.

  • For a secure context you should host your Web App for Flutter with HTTPS
  • For permission handling this is explained in our sample Flutter app on GitHub

Widevine DRM content generally does NOT playback on Android emulators - test on an actual device to make sure your DRM content can play as expected.

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