Radiant Media Player

Outstream video ads (IMA SDK)


An outstream video ad is a video ad without actual video content following it. Only the ad is displayed to the viewer.

When interacted with (or autoplay where available) the player will load a video ad and display it. You can set a start and end poster frame. When the video ad is over the poster (or end of video poster) will be shown (or a black screen when no poster is set).

The video ad type must be a linear video ad (VAST or VPAID compliant ad tags). Other video ad formats are not supported.

Waterfalling and our ad API are available with outstream video ad.

This documentation page applies when using the Google IMA SDK with Radiant Media Player. We currently do not support outstream ads with rmp-vast.

Player settings and example

adOutStream: Boolean

Specifies that the player should enter an outstream mode where no content will be displayed. Default: false.

The following player settings that can be used for outstream video ad.

poster, autoplay, endOfVideoPoster, adCountDown, adTagWaterfall, hideControls.

Full player example:

<script src="https://cdn.radiantmediatechs.com/rmp/4.5.8/js/rmp.min.js" 
<div id="rmpPlayer"></div>
var settings = {
  licenseKey: 'your-license-key',
  delayToFade: 3000,
  width: 640,
  height: 360,
  // autoplay if needs be
  // autoplay: true,   
  // hide controls if needs be
  // hideControls: true,
  ads: true,
  adTagUrl: 'https://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ads?sz=640x480&iu=/124319096/external/single_ad_samples&ciu_szs=300x250&impl=s&gdfp_req=1&env=vp&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1&cust_params=deployment%3Ddevsite%26sample_ct%3Dlinear&correlator=',
  // waterfalling if needs be
  adTagWaterfall: [
  adOutStream: true,
  poster: 'https://www.radiantmediaplayer.com/images/poster-rmp-showcase.jpg',
  // end of video poster if different from poster
  endOfVideoPoster: 'https://www.radiantmediaplayer.com/images/bbb-poster.jpg'
var elementID = 'rmpPlayer';
var rmp = new RadiantMP(elementID);

Not all ad servers authorise outstream video ads. It is up to you to make sure your use case complies with your ad server or provider terms of service.

In-article outstream ads

See our specific documentation for our unique in-article outstream ads feature.

Removing player from DOM after an outstream ad has completed

This is a common request we see from customers using outstream video ad. This can easily be achieved with our player API.

  • Wait for outsream ad to complete - this is when the adalladscompleted event fires
  • Call player destroy method
  • Wait for destroycompleted event
  • Then remove player container (element with id="rmpPlayer" in the above example) from DOM - you may use the JavaScript removeChild method on the parent of the player container to do so

An example of usage of the player destroy API is available here.

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