Ad skipping

Ad skipping scope of support

Offering ad skipping options to your audience is great way to monetise your content while providing a gentle and smart viewing experience. Radiant Media Player supports ad skipping in the following way:

  • VAST 3+ skippable video ads: when a valid VAST 3+ tag with skippable information (e.g. skip information are held within the VAST XML response) is presented to the player, it will automatically read that information and display a skip button when appropriate. This is available for the Google IMA and our rmp-vast VAST parser - no extra configuration is required.

Ad skipping through player API

Player API methods



This method orders the player to skip the currently displayed ad (and to resume content). This method only has effects if the ad is a skippable ad and is in a state where it can be skipped. You may query the getAdSkippableState API method to know if an ad can be skipped or not.



This method returns a Boolean stating if the ad on stage can be skipped (returns true) or not (returns false).

Player API events


Fires when the displayed ads skippable state is changed


Fires when the ad is skipped by the user

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