Performance Tuning

Radiant Media Player is automatically optimised based on input player settings. This article describes some best practices and advanced performance tuning options.

Use an optimised player build

Since Radiant Media Player 5 we provide optimised builds that pre-pack common features and reduce the network/processing cost to load the player into a web page. We recommend using the build that best match your needs. Available builds are listed here.

Best practices for scoring high at Google Lighthouse audio tool with Radiant Media Player

Displaying media content on a web page can be taxing for the viewer device (CPU, battery, network ...). Optimising performance is key to keeping your viewers happy. To achieve high performance with Radiant Media Player we have released guidelines for scoring high at Google Lighthouse audio tool, through player CSS preloading and async player embedding.

Media preloading

Refer to our media preloading guide to learn how media preloading could help achieve faster start-up time.

More is less

Sometimes it is not just about achieving maximum performance everytime, everywhere it is about responsibly using the resources at our disposal. Radiant Media Player can help you reduce your streaming service carbon footprint with specifically designed settings.

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