Radiant Media Player

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The web media player to build amazing sites & apps

You will encode and host the videos yourself

RMP Edition
For websites
  • Pay-per-domain
  • All player features
  • Unlimited monthly player starts per-domain
  • Free staging license
  • Fast email-based technical support
  • Monthly billing: no commitment, no cancellation fee
$60 / month

For websites, mobile apps & platforms
  • Pay-per-player-starts
  • All player features
  • Unlimited domains/apps with black/white-listing
  • Cordova-based mobile apps
  • OEM licensing
  • Fast email-based technical support
  • Monthly billing: no commitment, no cancellation fee
$30 / month

PLATFORM Edition is only available as a monthly subscription

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Player features overview
Mobile-first and responsive HTML5 video & audio player Automatic feature detection
Fast start-up and optimised buffering Google Cast & AirPlay support
Facebook in-app browser support Fire TV apps
Playlist Related content
360 video
  • Playback of 360x180 full spherical video
  • Dedicated user-interface
  • Desktop and mobile devices support
Mobile apps for Android & iOS
  • Player for Cordova-based apps (Ionic, PhoneGap ...)
  • WebView
  • Standalone web application
HLS-everywhere streaming
  • On-demand, Live & DVR
  • Multiple audio tracks support
  • ID3 & Program-Date-Time
  • Discontinuities support
  • Fragmented MP4 container
  • HEVC support
  • Low latency optimisation
  • Redundant/failover playlists
  • Embedded WebVTT & CEA 608/708 captions
DASH streaming
  • DASH264, DASH HEVC & DASH WebM support
  • On-demand & Live
  • Multiple audio tracks support
  • Embedded WebVTT & TTML captions
  • Multiple periods support
Progressive download: MP4 (AVC & HEVC), WebM, M4A & MP3 Audio-only streaming with HLS, DASH or progressive download
Video ads
  • Desktop & mobile HTML5 video & audio ads
  • VAST 2 & 3, VPAID 1 & 2 and VMAP 1.0.1
  • Certified Google IMA Integration
  • Alternative lightweight VAST parser (rmp-vast)
  • Autoplay support
  • Ad scheduler
  • Ad waterfalling
  • Ads API
  • Outstream ads
  • Header bidding
  • Ad-block detection
  • Server-side ad insertion
Content security
    • PlayReady
    • Widevine
    • Clear Key
  • Apple FairPlay Streaming
  • AES-128/SAMPLE-AES HLS decryption support
  • Configurable XMLHttpRequest (credentials, custom headers ...)
  • Google Cast casting of DASH & HLS DRM content
  • Wowza secure token v2 support
Other player features
  • Cloud-hosted or self-hosted
  • Async player loading
  • Configurable media preloading
  • External multi-tracks WebVTT captions
  • Fallback streaming URLs
  • Slow & fast motion playback
  • Quality selection
  • Social sharing
  • Accessibility features & keyboard control
  • Chapters
  • Preview thumbnails
  • AMP & Facebook Instant Articles support
  • Advanced player configuration options
  • Powerful JavaScript API
  • 4 innovative and like-able skins
  • Easy skin colorization feature
  • CSS skinning
  • Logo inclusion
  • Customisable player labels
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Analytics API with start-up & ready time
  • Heatmap analytics
Peer-to-peer streaming acceleration

Billing FAQ

What kind of subscription do you offer?

We offer monthly subscriptions based on the wanted number of domains (RMP Edition) or player starts (PLATFORM Edition) - no long-term commitment. You can cancel anytime with no prior notice and no cancellation fee.

What are the accepted payment methods for your subscriptions?

Credit card (VISA, Master Card, AmEx) and PayPal.

Are payments secured?

Yes. Payments are secured with FastSpring using the latest encryption technologies.

What about VAT?

All prices are stated exclusive of VAT. Depending on your location VAT may apply. If you are making your purchase from one of the EU countries and you do not have a VAT number, VAT will be added to your order.

Do you provide discounts for educational institutions and non-profit organizations?

Yes, contact us with a link to your site and we will check if we can provide our discounted pricing.

What is the difference between RMP Edition and PLATFORM Edition?
  • RMP Edition is intended for websites either desktop or mobile. The business model is pay-per-domain with unlimited monthly player starts per domain. Any sub-domain for a given domain will also work.
  • PLATFORM Edition is intended for cross-platforms projects: websites, mobile/OTT apps or bundling the player in a larger service like an online video platform (OEM licensing). The business model is pay-per-player-start but the player can be used in any number of domains or applications (white/black listing available).

It is up to you to pick the edition that matches your needs.

Can RMP Edition be used in an Android or iOS mobile app?

Radiant Media Player RMP Edition will render in WebViews where the HTTP protocol is available, this is for example the Facebook in-app browser. If you are building an app with Cordova or through a WebView where the FILE protocol is needed then a PLATFORM Edition license key must be used.

How do I get my free staging license for RMP Edition?

We offer, at no additional cost, one (1) free staging license for each RMP Edition customer. Only one free staging license can be granted for each account. Your free staging license comes will all player features but should only be used for staging or testing purposes. When you first subscribe to RMP Edition an additional license key slot will automatically be added to your account. Your free staging license remains active for as long as you have an active RMP Edition subscription with us.

Can I embed Radiant Media Player as part of a software as a service or online video platform?

PLATFORM Edition customers may incorporate Radiant Media Player into any goods or services including SDK applications, software as a service or online video platform. This is often referred to as OEM implementation. Refer to our OEM licensing section in our terms of service for more information. RMP Edition customers must not use Radiant Media Player in an OEM implementation. Using Radiant Media Player on your website does not require OEM licensing unless your website is part of a software as a service or online video platform.

For PLATFORM Edition when does a player start count against my plan?

A player start is counted when the first frame of content or pre-roll ad, if any, is presented to the viewer. If multiple ads are displayed or if the viewer pauses, plays, seeks or replays media within the same player instance only one player start is counted. When content within the player changes (e.g. playlist/related or when using the setSrc API method) a new player start is counted. Our back-end provides hourly-updated reporting for your monthly player starts usage. Player starts counter is reset to 0 at the beginning of each billing cycle.

What happens when I go over my PLATFORM Edition plan player starts limit?

With PLATFORM Edition when you go over your plan's player starts limit we will have to upgrade your plan. This would happen at the beginning of your next billing cycle and the upgraded plan will be the nearest matching your last billing cycle usage. An email notification is sent before the upgrade happens. We do not charge for overages for the current billing cycle even if an upgrade is needed.
To accommodate for occasional spikes in traffic the automatic upgrade to an upper plan is only triggered when you reach your plan's limit plus an overflow quota of 10%.

My monthly player starts usage has reduced recently can my PLATFORM Edition plan be downgraded?

Assuming your subscription does not need an upgrade we will happily downgrade your subscription to a plan matching your current usage. Please contact us to do so.

What data is covered through back-end reporting with PLATFORM Edition?

The following data are available for reporting in our back-end for PLATFORM Edition:

  • Billing reporting
  • Player starts analytics (daily, monthly, yearly)
  • Per domain/app analytics

Our back-end reporting is not meant to provide video analytics. Video analytics for Radiant Media Player are provided through our comprehensive Google Analytics plugin. If you want to work with another analytics service or log your own analytics data you can use our analytics API and player API to do so.