Radiant Media Player

Player modules

How do player modules work?

Radiant Media Player UI includes interactive modules with various functionalities. Those modules are:

  • Bitrate selector module (cog icon)
  • Closed captions selector module (CC icon)
  • Audio language selector module (headset icon)
  • Sharing module (tripod icon)
  • Playback rate selector module (clock icon)
  • Casting module (cast icon)
  • Related module (menu icon)

Those modules can be enabled through player settings or will automatically be shown when needed. Modules are located at the top of the player. It is to be noted that in order to preserve a consistent UI some modules may not be available at all player sizes. More precisely:

  • When the player width is greater than or equal to 375px all modules shall be visible.
  • When the player width is lower than 375px only the cast & related modules shall be visible.

All those modules have a specific .rmp-module CSS class. When the mouse is over a module a hint shall display - clearly identifying the role of the module. This hint will have a .rmp-hint CSS class. Labels for modules can be customised through our labelling system. When interacted with a module could display an inner-menu or have other effects on the player.