eCDN a.k.a. WebRTC-assisted streaming BETA

Our eCDN solution is currently in BETA. It should not be used for large-scale deployment. You may use it for testing purposes or for smaller streaming project.

Our eCDN solution is only available to PLATFORM Edition customers or during our free trial - this feature comes at no extra cost.

Radiant Media Player eCDN

Is streaming cost a burden for your online video project? Do you want to insure proper content delivery at scale while maintaining a high standard of streaming quality? Look no further Radiant Media Player eCDN solution is made for you.

Radiant Media Player eCDN is a robust, seamless WebRTC-assisted streaming solution to help you save on bandwidth cost, scale to any size and improve streaming quality. The best part: no installation is needed - everything is built within the player. There is no need for server side configuration, just bring your own CDN or HTTP streaming delivery solution and the player will automatically start to optimise content delivery with WebRTC.

WebRTC-assisted streaming is peer-to-peer streaming directly in the browser with JavaScript. You can enjoy all Radiant Media Player features while benefiting from our eCDN boost: ABR streaming, DRM, video ads, 360° video and so on.

Our eCDN solution creates a private peer-to-peer network for traffic sharing between users that are watching the same media content live or on-demand over HLS. It significantly reduces traditional CDN traffic and cost while delivering media streams to more users in high quality. It is resilient to errors and will always fallback to HTTP streaming, should WebRTC-assisted streaming fail or should it not provide high-availability with peer-to-peer streaming.

Here is a graphic that illustrates the concept of Radiant Media Player eCDN.

Radiant Media Player eCDN explained

See a full demo here.

To sum things up, our eCDN solution does the following:

  • Reduce your content delivery cost by offloading your "classic" CDN or HTTP delivery to our eCDN solution
  • A robust WebRTC-assisted streaming solution to improve quality of experience for viewers
  • A ready-to-use solution that comes at no extra cost and no extra set up for our customers

Supported streaming protocols

As of Radiant Media Player 7.6+ we support WebRTC-assisted streaming for HLS live, DVR or on-demand content.

Supported environments

Our eCDN solution works in the following environments

  • Latest Chrome for Desktop and Android
  • Latest Firefox for Desktop and Android
  • Latest Opera for Desktop and Android
  • Latest MS Edge for Desktop
  • Latest Safari for macOS and iPadOS

The following environments are not currently supported

  • iOS Safari

Player settings

ecdn: Boolean

Set this setting to true to enable Radiant Media Player eCDN. It is as simple as that - no need for server-side configuration or to add any other library to your web page - everything is included when you enable that setting. Default: false.

ecdnOnDemand: Boolean

Our eCDN solution can be used for both live and on-demand HLS delivery. If you are using our eCDN solution in an on-demand context set ecdnOnDemand to true. Default: false.

ecdnEnableGPSAccuracy: Boolean

For a more effective eCDN experience on a large scale (when reaching a global audience on multiple continents) we need to have access to the viewer GPS coordinates. If the viewer has not already given consent for collection of its GPS coordinates then the viewer will be prompted for permission. Default: true.

Player code example

The above player example has the following setup code:

<!-- Include Radiant Media Player - here we use the optimised build for hls.js -->
<script src=""></script>
<div id="rmp"></div>
const src = {
  hls: 'https://your-hls-url.m3u8'
const settings = {
  licenseKey: 'your-license-key',
  src: src,
  width: 640,
  height: 360,
  ecdn: true,
  forceHlsJSOnIpadOS: true,
  contentMetadata: {
    poster: [
const rmp = new RadiantMP('rmp');

eCDN demo

Want to see how it works before giving it a try? Our demo page will help you understand how our eCDN solution works. Just open our demo page in a couple of browsers and view our WebRTC-assisted streaming solution at work!

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