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4K video (UHD) done right

4K (a.k.a. UHD) video allows for a new and improved viewer experience. Radiant Media Player provides a smart and configurable approach to 4K video rendering for both HLS and DASH.

4K video is best delivered with an adaptive bitrate streaming technology, like HLS or DASH. While it is technically possible to deliver 4K content with progressive download through Radiant Media Player, this is likely to cause playback issues for your viewers and generally not recommended. You can deliver 4K content with Radiant Media Player for on-demand, live or DVR video streaming.

Proper delivery of 4K video generally require the use of several video codecs, for example:

  • HEVC (H.265) video with fallback to AVC (H.264) video (where HEVC video is not supported)
  • VP9 video with fallback to AVC (H.264) video (where VP9 video is not supported)

Two options are available to mix those codecs:

  • HLS/DASH manifest holding both HEVC/VP9 & AVC variants
  • Use a combination of hls & hlsHevc properties of the src setting

In both cases, the player will automatically pick the right video codec based on device capabilities. Refer to our HEVC docs for more information. For reference here is an example of DASH manifest mixing 4K VP9 and AVC video.

4K content decoding requirements:

  • High-end recent multi-core processor
  • 4K-compatible video card
  • An Internet connection that can consistently maintain an average of 15-20 Mbps download speed
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