Migration guide

From v7 to v8

Please read the below carefully to avoid any breaking changes in your player set up when upgrading to Radiant Media Player v8 from v7
  • Removed
    • Removed VR headset support (360 video is still available) - removed hint.vr player label, videoVR and videoVRFocalLength settings
    • Removed s3 & s4 player skins - s3 skin is now s2 skin
    • Removed built-in ad-blocker detection: removed adblockerdetected API event, ads.adBlockerDetectedMessage player labels, adBlockerDetection, adBlockerDetectedPreventPlayback settings - removed getAdBlockerDetected API
    • Removed support for Pro Edition license keys - customers should upgrade to RMP Edition license key if not done already
    • Removed hideModule setting - the quality, captions and audio modules are now part of the control bar and cannot be hidden with player settings -> use CSS targeting classes .rmp-quality, .rmp-audio, .rmp-captions to hide those elements.
    • Removed fadeInPlayer setting
    • Removed Brazilian Portuguese language support for player labels as mostly redundant with Portuguese - only Portuguese is now available
    • Removed hint.threeSixty player label
    • Removed noSupportDownload and noSupportInstallChromeLink player labels
    • Removed src.hlsHevc support
    • Removed legacy debugOverlayEnv setting
    • Removed legacy player builds
    • Removed hasMobilePreload property from environment API
    • Removed getPlayerMode API method (replaced with error event with code 107)
    • Removed deprecated settings: hlsJSEnableCMCD, hlsJSUseHeadersForCMCD, hlsJSLowLatencyMode, hlsJSCapLevelToPlayerSize, shakaCapLevelToPlayerSize,shakaAutoLowLatencyMode
    • Removed ad-outstream.less, rmp-ad.less, audio-only-ios.less, audio-only-spinner.less, core.less, quick-rewind-forward.less, volume.less, generic.less, s3.less, s4.less (added transcripts.less, skins and icons folder for LESS files instead)
  • Replaced
    • Replaced maxDevicePixelRatio with ignoreDevicePixelRatio setting
    • Replaced frameRate setting for frame-accurate navigation with enableFrameNavigation
    • Replaced hint.quickRewind, hint.quickForward, hint.fastRewind, hint.fastForward player labels with hint.forward and hint.rewind player labels
    • Replaced rmp-live-dvr CSS class with rmp-dvr
    • rmp-desktop-volume and rmp-desktop-volume-* classes are now replaced with rmp-volume and rmp-volume-* CSS classes
    • Replaced CSS classes rmp-airplay-available to rmp-airplay-ui and rmp-cast-available and rmp-cast-ui
    • Renamed rmp-desktop-volume-icon CSS class to rmp-desktop-volume
    • Renamed rmp-time-elapsed CSS class to rmp-time
    • Renamed rmp-ad-outstream CSS class to rmp-outstream
    • Renamed rmp-tv-player CSS class to rmp-tv class
    • Replaced imasdkloaderror with adparserloaderror
    • Replaced live.less with live-dvr.less
    • In self-hosting package, player builds are now in dist/ folder (previously in js/ folder)
  • New behavior
    • Outstream ads are now locked to 'outstream' player skin
    • Outstream skin no longer enforces hiding of fullscreen button - this needs to be explicitly enabled with hideFullscreen set to true setting
    • Rewritten bitrates.renditions player labels from Array of Array to simple Array
    • In Google Analytics integration 'context' events are now sent without the html5- prefix
    • On Apple devices native HLS is now default (previously MSE HLS was used on macOS, iPadOS Safari) - this can be tuned with forceHlsJSOnMacOSSafari and forceHlsJSOnIpadOS settings

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