Radiant Media Player

Timed metadata in ID3 format with HLS


Radiant Media Player supports the retrieval & parsing of timed metadata in ID3 format with HLS through our player API.

When an HLS stream with timed metadata in ID3 format is presented to the player it will retrieve and extract those information as they become available (this is when .ts chunks are loaded and parsed). A hlsid3tagparsingcompleted event is provided to signal the availablility of ID3 metadata information.

Each time the hlsid3tagparsingcompleted event fires the getHlsId3TagSamples player API method can be invoked to get the extracted ID3 metadata information.

In HLS ID3 metadata information is carried as a PID in the main transport stream or in separate audio TS. So we need to process the resulting ID3 metadata information obtained from getHlsId3TagSamples in order to get something actionable. But worry not we have done some of the heavy lifting for you with the following example.

ID3 metadata information full processing example

Open your browser console to see the fully processed ID3 metadata from our sample HLS feed.

Source code for the below example is here.

In this example we extract ID3 metadata from an audio-only stream however it can also be applied to a HLS with video content for live or on-demand streaming.

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