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Apply for your free staging license

What is it?

In order to facilitate development and testing processes with Radiant Media Player we offer a free staging/testing license valid for one (1) domain for each active customer. To apply for a free staging license you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have an active Radiant Media Player - RMP Edition subscription with us. Your staging license will remain active for as long as your Radiant Media Player subscription is active.
  • You can only apply for one (1) staging license key (one domain) per company. If you need licensing for more than one staging domain you need to subscribe to a multi-domains plan.
  • This offer only applies to staging/testing domains. Request for production domain will not be validated.

Apply for your free staging license by filling in the form below

Staging license request notes:

Our emails are coming from support [at] radiantmediaplayer.com, please whitelist this email address if needs be.

Once your application is submitted you should receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes.

All fields marked with * are required to validate your request.