Native Mobile Apps Built With Web Technologies - Reality Check In 2024

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Native mobile apps built with web technologies - is that still a thing?

Yes, it is!

With Radiant Media Player you can build video oriented native apps for Android and iOS with web technologies. To do so, you will need to use an hybrid mobile app development framework like:

You can review appfigures data on The Most Popular Development SDKs. As of June 2024, this is what we can read:

Top SDKs used for apps published on Apple App Store:

  • 1. Swift: 74%
  • 2. React Native: 13%
  • 3. Cordova: 12%
  • 4. Flutter: 10%
  • 7. Ionic: 5%
  • 12. Capacitor: 2%

Top SDKs used for apps published on Google Play:

  • 1. Kotlin: 78%
  • 2. Flutter: 22%
  • 3. React Native: 17%
  • 4. Cordova: 12%
  • 6. Ionic: 5%
  • 9. Capacitor: 3%

So YES using web technologies to build native mobile apps is still a very real-thing in 2024! The gap between native and web performance has been closed to the point that it cannot be noticed anymore for the vast majority of apps. This becomes even more true if you are looking to promote web standards, reduce development cost, get to market faster and provide a unified user experience across platforms.

If you are going to build a video-oriented native mobile app through a hybrid framework, then you should want a HTML5 video player that fits that approach. Radiant Media Player is that player that will bring a top-notch viewing experience to your audience with those hybrid frameworks. We actively test and develop our player to make sure it works with the latest version of Ionic, Flutter, Cordova and WebViews for Android and iOS. Most importantly we believe in using web standards to develop cross platform apps!

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