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Radiant Media Player 5 is here!

The streaming media industry is a fast growing and changing digital industry. We feel it is okay to be overwhelmed with so many new technologies, devices and companies. At Radiant Media Player we do our best to keep our heads down and focus on building the best possible cross-device HTML5 player. No native SDK, no headache - but a HTML5 player that can go (nearly) everywhere. Radiant Media Player version 5 is our new major release, now publicly available, and we would like to take a moment to present this release.

We have taken onboard customer feedback from previous releases and made the upgrade process as painless as possible and worked relentlessly on maximising backward compatibility. The list of deprecated features and breaking changes can be found here.

New features for Radiant Media Player 5 include:

  • Offline download, storage and playback support - see docs
  • New optimised production player builds for faster time to first frame - see docs
  • Improved 360 video rendering engine
  • Improved autoplay capabilities detection
  • Support for Mux Data - see docs
  • Support for Google HTML5 IMA DAI (dynamic ad insertion) - see docs
  • Ad media preloading support with the Google HTML5 IMA SDK
  • Improved HLS and DASH streaming

This major release also comes with various performance improvements and bug fixes. As usual our complete player release history can be found here. Have a question on a new feature or feedback to share? Get in touch.

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