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Last updated on November 14, 2017 - Back to blog home page

Radiant Media Player 4.5 is here!

We have been busy! Making Radiant Media Player better is the reason why we get up in the morning.

Thanks to your feedback we have added several new features in Radiant Media Player 4.5. In case you miss some of those here is a summary:

  • New 360° video engine: smoother camera movements, 360° player API and preliminary support for iOS
  • Extended HEVC support: HLS HEVC for iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra Safari with automatic fallback
  • Promise-based autoplay: making sure our player is future proof when it comes to autoplay which is increasingly blocked by browsers
  • WebVTT chapters: ideal to better navigate long form content
  • Enhanced Google Cast support: Cast player API and support for playlist/related
  • Unified captions API: better control captions either HLS/DASH in-stream or WebVTT externally loaded
  • Ad tag variables: easily customise your ad requests to your preferred ad server
  • VPAID support in rmp-vast (BETA)

Have a question on one of those new features or feedback to share? Get in touch.

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