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At Radiant Media Player we are committed to providing support for the latest technologies from the online video world. WebRTC assisted streaming offers a great way to improve viewer experience, increase scalability and to reduce CDN cost. As such we have partnered with StriveCast to make the StriveCast OTT, eCDN & Analytics technology available with Radiant Media Player, right out of the box.

StriveCast solves the problem of network congestion in corporate networks during the use of video collaboration and communication tools. The same technology helps content providers in the OTT-space save CDN-traffic by 75-85%. As StriveCast’s technology is 100% browser-based – using WebRTC – it does not require any client-software to be installed and runs directly in the browser. StriveCast analytics enables you to visualize statistics of your live streaming events and webcasts – in real-time or on-demand.

What is the relationship about?

Radiant Media Player works great with HLS for live streaming. Using StriveCast technology, Radiant Media Player customers can easily enhance viewer experience and scale their live delivery solution. Using Radiant Media Player, StriveCast customers can get access to a top-notch cross-device HTML5 video player and get ready to go live in a snap. StriveCast technology integrated with Radiant Media Player will work great on popular desktop and mobile browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari and can be used in conjunction with all HLS-based Radiant Media Player features including:

  • DVR streaming
  • Video ads
  • Multi-audio and multi-text tracks

How to use Radiant Media Player with StriveCast?

We have worked towards making the integration between Radiant Media Player and StriveCast as straightforward as possible. Our Working with StriveCast guide is available and provides everything we need to get started.

So hop on the next-generation media streaming train and enjoy all Radiant Media Player features with StriveCast OTT, eCDN and Analytics technology.

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