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Radiant Media Player is an HTML5 video player that lets you create web, mobile & OTT video apps in a snap. Helping our clients with better, greener and cheaper streaming is a priority for us.

Today, we announce our partnership with Quanteec. Quanteec pioneers in the Web3 space by enhancing video streaming through a technology based on decentralization. Transitioning beyond traditional P2P models, its approach addresses environmental impact, delivery costs, and scaling challenges. QUANTEEC aims to set new industry standards for environmentally-friendly, high-performing, efficient-delivering, and forward-looking streaming.

What is the relationship about?

Radiant Media Player works great with HLS or MPEG-DASH for live and on-demand media streaming. Using Quanteec technology, Radiant Media Player customers can easily enhance viewer experience and scale their content delivery solution. Using Radiant Media Player, Quanteec customers can get access to a top-notch HTML5 video player and build cross-device video apps with advanced features like DRM or advertisement.

Quanteec, like Radiant Media Player, is a member of the greening of streaming industry forum. Quanteec solution has been built with reducing the carbon footprint of the streaming media chain in mind. This eco-friendly approach will work great with Radiant Media Player consume less configuration.

How to use Radiant Media Player with Quanteec?

As part of our partnership, we have published a Working With Quanteec guide that will allow new and existing customers to get started in no time with Radiant Media Player and Quanteec peer-assisted solution.

So, hop on the next-generation - greener, better, cheaper - streaming media train and enjoy all Radiant Media Player rich features with Quanteec decentralized delivery solution to WOW audience.

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