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As the need for delivering secured content continue to grow in the streaming media industry, this need also becomes more complex to address: more devices coming to the market, new DRM features to support and viewers expecting more continuity of streaming whether they are at home, in vacations or commuting. To streamline the process of integrating advanced DRM solutions in an OTT platform or video application with our player, we have selected BuyDRM as a new technology alliance partner.

BuyDRM is a leading global provider of multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Content Security Services for the entertainment, enterprise and hospitality industries. The KeyOS Multi-DRM platform powers many of the largest brands in media and technology.

We are confident that BuyDRM leading solution will bring exciting new options to our customers, while extending our out-of-the-box offering for delivering content securely through our player. BuyDRM offers its solution to large companies and small and midsize business alike which is great as we also aim at building a top-notch HTML5 video player that is approachable to all.

What is the relationship about?

Radiant Media Player can be used to distribute content in DASH and HLS for live, DVR and on-demand video streaming. Using BuyDRM technology Radiant Media Player customers can rapidly deploy an end-to-end solution to deliver DRM-encrypted content to their viewers. We support the following DRM features with BuyDRM solution:

  • DASH streaming with Widevine and PlayReady DRM
  • Apple FairPlay streaming

We have worked with BuyDRM to insure technological interoperability and to better onboard new customers. We already have several customers using BuyDRM with our player here in Europe.

How to use Radiant Media Player with BuyDRM?

As part of our partnership we have published a Working with BuyDRM guide that will allow new customers to get started in no time with Radiant Media Player and BuyDRM.

So hop on the next-generation streaming train and enjoy all Radiant Media Player rich features with BuyDRM solution to securely deliver content to your audience.

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