Radiant Media Player

Timed metadata in ID3 format with HLS



ID3 metadata parsing is new with Radiant Media Player 3.0.0

Radiant Media Player supports parsing of timed metadata in ID3 format with HLS for HTML5 video (Desktop + mobile). See the browser compatibility here. ID3 metadata parsing is not supported with HLS to Flash.

An hlsid3tagparsingcompleted event is provided to signal the availablility of ID3 metadata information.

A getHlsId3TagSamples player API method is provided to get the ID3 metadata information.

In HLS ID3 metadata information is carried as a PID in the main transport stream or in separate audio TS. So we need to actually parse the resulting ID3 metadata information in order to get something of the returned player API value. But worry not we have done some of the heavy lifting for you with the following example.

Complete example

Open your browser console to see the extracted ID3 metadata. What you do with those data is up to you!

Source code for ID3 metadata extraction is here

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