Radiant Media Player

Accessibility features

Making the player accessible

HTML5 Flash

Starting with Radiant Media Player 3.8.2 we have updated the player accessibility features to follow the WAI-ARIA recommendations. Those accessibility features are mainly oriented towards HTML5 video with a few fallback options for Flash. We test our player with the free NVDA screen reader.

We need your help! Making our player more accessible is a work-in-progress. Any suggestion or feedback you may have on this aspect is more than welcome. Please contact us to share your findings!

Accessibility features description

The player container is equipped with an aria-label attribute (set with player setting contentTitle) and an aria-describedby attribute (set with player setting contentDescription through a label element). The player container has a "figure" role. The player can be focused with a click/touch or by cycling page elements with the tab key.

Once the player is focused you can cycle through a selection of UI elements using the tab key. Those elements currently are:

  • Play/pause: "button" role with updatable aria-label (space or enter key to play/pause when focused)
  • Seek bar: "progressbar" role with aria-label (left/right key to activate when focused)
  • Volume: "button" role with aria-label (space or enter key to mute/unmute when focused)
  • Fullscreen: "button" role with updatable aria-label (space or enter key to enter/exit fullscreen when focused)
  • Closed-captions menu: "button" role with aria-label (space or enter key to open-close menu). Each item of the closed-captions menu also has a "button" role with aria-label (space or enter key to display a given text track).

We plan on adding more focusable elements with future player releases.

Keyboard controls

Below is a list of keyboard keys that can be used to control the player in HTML5 and Flash video when the player has focused (either when clicked or selected with the tab key).

space : Play or pause the media

f : enter fullscreen (HTML5-only)

escape : exit fullscreen

left arrow : seek 10 seconds backward in the media

right arrow : seek 10 seconds forward in the media

m : mute/unmute media content

up arrow : Up volume by 10%

down arrow : Reduce volume by 10%