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Radiant Media Player is an HTML5 video player that lets you create web, mobile & OTT video apps in a snap. Radiant Media Player however does not provide transcoding or ad-server services. We focus on building the best HTML5 player on the market. For services we do not provide, we partner with passionate innovators of the streaming media industry to help our customers build amazing online video experiences for their viewers.

Today, we announce our partnership with Erstream, a leading internet video technology and services company with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Erstream develops three products that are compatible with Radiant Media Player:

  • DAION for dynamic ad insertion
  • ERSTREAMER for transcoding and streaming solutions
  • OTT for a complete online video platform solution

Radiant Media Player and Erstream are already working together with several customers to create online video platforms, like Exxen, the biggest Turkish content broadcast over the world.

Spotlight on DAION by Erstream

DAION by Erstream is a server-side dynamic ad insertion service for both Live and VOD content developed by Erstream. It is an almost money printing machine for content owners as being the innovation leader of the sector: Programmatic Advertisement is available now for video content with DAION.

Monetizing content through server side ad insertion is gaining momentum in the industry, so DAION by Erstream is a perfect fit for Radiant Media Player customers looking to explore SSAI with HLS.

How to use Radiant Media Player with Erstream solution?

You can contact Erstream directly to learn more about Erstream streaming and ad service solutions.

You can start testing Radiant Media Player with a free trial or one of our paid subscriptions. You can contact us with your streaming media questions and we will happily answer them.

So, hop on the next-generation streaming media train and enjoy all Radiant Media Player rich features with Erstream services to deliver a robust end-to-end online video project to your audience.

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